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Anchor Handling Tug Supply (AHTS) vessels function is to handle anchors for oil rigs, tow them to location and anchor them. AHTS vessels are fitted with winches for towing and anchor handling, having an open stern to allow the decking of anchors, and having more power than common Platform Supply Vessels to increase the bollard pull.
The winches are specifically designed for anchor handling operations and, according to safety standards, must have arrangements for quick anchor release.
Brevini has developed a proportional valve with free falling system that in case of danger disengage the winch releasing immediately the anchor

ISFW310, is a hydraulic load sensing valve designed to fulfill and handling all required functions and for Anchor Handling / Towing (AHT) and fishing winches applications.

This hydraulic unit has been developed incorporating the most advanced state of the art valve element concept, where the HPV provides velvet smooth controllability, and it can ensuring trouble free operation under demanding conditions.

General Features:

HSE – Pump side inlet

  • Open Center version for system with fixed displacement pumps ( flow max 700 l/min ).
  • Closed center version for system with variable displacement pumps     ( flow max 700 l/min ).
  • Full Flow dump valve.
  • Emergency manual shut off.
  • Integrated pilot oil supply.
  • Build in load sense relief valve.

HEM – Working section

  • Configuration for fixed and variable displacement piston motors.
  • Integrated adjust. pressure compensator.
  • Interchangeable flow control spools ( flow max 560 l/min ).
  • Interchangeable motion control spools ( flow max 650 l/min ).
  • Atomatic hoock – stop system.
  • Integrated double pilot overcenter valves.
  • Integrated hydraulic free wheeling system.
  • Integrated brake control system.
  • Adjust. shock – suction valves.
  • Adjust. Lsa / Lsb pilot relief valves.
  • Electric Lsa / Lsb shut off.

Actuation modules

  • MHPOD – Proportional open loop spool control.
  • MHPED – Proportional closed loop spool control.
  • MHPF – Open loop spool control, input signal PWM
  • MHOF – On – Off
  • MHPH – Hydraulic actuation.

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